Student Behavior Dashboards

Student Behavior Dashboards

Student Behavior Dashboards

Introducing the Student Behavior Dashboard – the ultimate tool for tracking behavior trends in your school over time. With this powerful dashboard, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of behavior categories and their frequency of occurrence, broken down by specific date ranges.

Dashboard Features:

  • View student behavior trends over time
  • Breakdown of behavior categories and frequency
  • Identify trends by specific groups (grade level, home room, gender, special groups)
  • Compare positive and negative behavior trends over time
  • Target interventions and support where needed most
  • Make informed decisions to support positive outcomes for all students

Data Source: 

  • PowerSchool SIS: Student Log Entries


  • Behavior Trends Over Time

Student Behavior Trends over time

  • Compare Positive and Negative Points

Student Behaviors Compare Positive and Negative Points

  • Behavior Distribution

Behavior Data by grade level



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