PowerSchool Attendance & Tardy Scan Plugin

PowerSchool Attendance & Tardy Scan Plugin

The PowerSchool Attendance Management Plugin simplifies attendance procedures and improves communication with families. The plugin is built directly into PowerSchool, eliminating the need for external software.

With real-time updates for attendance records, log entries, and emails, this plugin is designed to make attendance tracking and record-keeping efficient, effective, and hassle-free.

✓ Daily Attendance: Effortlessly record or update students’ daily attendance, including precise “time in” and “time out” details, ensuring accurate tracking of student presence.

✓ Detailed Meeting Attendance: Record current and missing period attendance, including teacher comments and meeting Clock In/Out for accurate class minutes.

✓ Automated Email Notifications: Automatically dispatch notifications to a comprehensive list of stakeholders, including students, parents or guardians, homeroom teachers, and teachers of the current class period, ensuring everyone is informed and engaged.

✓ Consequence Tracking: Efficiently manage and track scaffolded consequences, providing a structured approach to handling attendance-related issues.

✓ Instant Tardy Slips: Print tardy slips or passes on demand, facilitating a smooth process for students arriving late.

✓ Comprehensive Log Entries: Generate detailed log entries with every attendance scan, offering a transparent record of attendance activities.

✓ Flexible Open Campus Management: Enable a flexible check-in and check-out system for students, accommodating various school campus layouts and schedules.

Monthly Pricing


District discounts available (contact us for details)

✓ Cost-Effectiveness: Leverage the extensive benefits of an improved attendance system at an affordable cost, maximizing your investment.

✓ Simplicity and Efficiency Redefined: With real-time updates, keep student records consistently accurate, eliminating the hassle of manual data entry and ensuring efficiency.


Enhanced Dashboard Insights and Reporting

Our comprehensive dashboard system provides an in-depth view of your school’s attendance data and patterns. The dashboards allow you to quickly analyze attendance by school and subgroup, making it easy to identify trends and take action. With detailed attendance information at your fingertips, you can drill down and export data for further analysis. Stay on top of your student’s performance with powerful insights from our advanced dashboard and reporting features.

Student Attendance Dashboard

PowerSchool Attendance Dashboard

Student Data – All in one place:

Student data all in one place


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