K-12 Early Warning

K-12 Early Warning

Our K-12 early warning dashboards helps you identify students at risk of not graduating from high school or not being prepared for college-level work.

K-12 Early Warning: PureData uses district data from PowerSchool, Naviance, Salesforce, Spreadsheets and other data sources to  help you identify students who might be struggling with their grades, behavior and attendance.

Since the launch of our data platform we have designed several dashboards around key areas such as Early Warning, attendance, discipline, grades and enrollment Google Agentur. Here are some sample dashboard screenshots:


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Early Warning:

Use readily available data from all your applications to alert teachers and Ghostwriter administrators to students who are on the pathway to drop out.

School Dashboards

K-12 Early Warning

Student Profile

Student Dashboard

K-12 early warning Student Profile

Grade Distribution:

Get an at-a-glance understanding of how your teachers are grading across sections and ghostwier semesters with the Grade Distribution Reports.

School Dashboards

Grade Distribution by Sections

Data Quality Tracker

In the end, data must be managed like any other valuable business resource ghostwriting. With our data quality tracker you can create validations, track missing information and ghostwriting hausarbeit monitor new data as it enters the system.

School Dashboards

Data Quality Tracker


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